Introducing glass made bricks

Since the beginning of the production, a variety of colorless and colored glass with a wide range of designs and thicknesses (4 to 12 mm) have been produced in the furnace number one of Qazvin Glass Company. Starting in May 1402, with a new strategy defined for this furnace, a dramatic change was implemented in the products made based on increasing the thickness of glass with the purpose of manufacturing glass bricks and supply this revolutionary new product to the market.
In addition, Qazvin Glass Company is proud to supply integrated glass with low iron oxide content, with a thickness of 50 mm, 37.10 meters long, 1.60 meters wide and weight of 7420 kg for the first time in the world, which is an unprecedented and unique record in the global glass production. This glass is produced and marketed according to the customers need and demands with different dimensions، designs and colors.

We are now proudly can produce glass with a thickness of around 53 mm. Furthermore, we are determined that in the near future the production of glass with higher thicknesses will be achieved. The new product can be widely used as bricks and glass blocks in the building industry to build a variety of walls and partitions, as well as artistic and decorative uses in hotel construction and construction of shopping centers, entertainment centers, meeting halls, etc.
In order to produce this product, technical and technological changes were required from the beginning to the end of the production line. A brief description is as follow.

The required materials:

Changing the batch formulation as well as the type and quality of raw materials are the corner stones in the production of above products. Changes have been made in such a way that the produced glass besides being colorless, can also be altered to produce attractive and pleasant colors that delight the eyes of every viewer. For this purpose, a variety of dyestuffs and ceramic pigments are produced by an innovative method in the melt to produce colored glass.

Equipment and Infrastructure:

Controlling the conditions of furnace and smelting, lashing and cutting line requires precise changes and measures by experts in this field to produce high quality glass that is free of any defects.

The design of the machines is generally for limited thicknesses, so another step that is very important in the production process of this product is to coordinate the tension speed of the machine and the leach to achieve high thicknesses. For this reason, in the production line of the furnace No. 1 of Qazvin Glass Factory, mechanical and electrical changes were introduced on the structure of the tempere and lahr machines.
Cutting the produced product and its transmission due to its high dimensions and weight compared to conventional products created another great challenge that was overcome with the help of the company's personnel and the use of special tools. Also, design, installation and commissioning of several unitary overhead cranes were placed on the agenda to transfer glass from the cutting line and move it to the desired location.

Cutting in the form of brick or block parts and side processes including substrate and polishing in order to achieve optimum surface quality, has been considered as a specialty process in the production of these products. Due to its high thickness and uneven and wavy surface, cutting it into smaller pieces with desired shapes is not easy and requires special equipment. For this reason, special processing lines are equipped with distinct equipment such as water jet machine, sub facets and edges, etc. in order to accommodate desire shapes and sizes.