Float Plant

In late 2001, GGC released the news of commencing its new project for construction of a float glass plant with the cooperation of Pilkington Company, UK. Comprehensive specification and design works were carried out, followed by the construction works on a 2,000,000 m2 plot of land, 70 km from Ghazvin near Farsejin village, with a building area of 70,000 m2. In 2009 Farsejin Float Plant was officially opened.


With the use of Pilkington technology, GGC Farsejin Float Plant is capable of manufacturing high quality float glass in a thickness range 1.8-12 mm in sizes up to max 6500×3600 mm with a total production capacity of 180,000 ton/year.


GGC and Pilkington companies have signed a contract for construction and commissioning of two float production lines, the second of which was put into construction right after the first one’s inauguration.


The accurate thickness and flatness of float glass makes it the perfect material for a number of end-products such as automotive glass and mirrors and also an ideal commodity for other industrial uses.

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