Decorative Glass

GGC has an extensive range of decorative glass products. Coated glass is a popular decorative glass product, offered with various types of coatings. Some of these coatings have merely practical properties while others suit both practical and decorative purposes. Decorative glass might be the end-result of one or more processing works (laminating, toughening, etc.) in a production cycle. During the production procedures, the design is reproduced on the glass sheet (by the use of organic or non-organic materials such as enamel or ceramic frit) or a thin layer of the glass surface is removed by engraving, sand blasting or acid etching to leave behind the desired design. Other processes such as CNC cutting, drilling, bevelling or polishing are available as required. Brief descriptions of various types of decorative glass, including decorative laminated glass and decorative coated glass (i.e. back painted glass, silkscreened glass and printed glass) can be found elsewhere in this catalogue.

Decorative Laminated Glass

This product is made by bonding together two or more sheets of glass with one or more polymer films. In addition to tinted polymer films which may offer a variety of colour combinations on their own, the customer may also order other objects such as fabric, paper, leaves, wire, etc. to be inserted between the layers or to have the final product cut in particular shapes.

Back Painted Glass

Traditionally, tinted glass has been used as an architectural symbolic element for lifestyle in various nations, including Iran. However, back painted glass can differentiate in other ways more suited to modern life; new colours representing new trends. As a glassmaker in possession of modern technologies, Ghazvin Glass Company has progressed towards the production of back painted glass which offers many capabilities, qualities and uses. Natural colour back painted glass with its full spectrum of colours provides opportunities for creativity in construction, furnishing and interior design of offices and houses. Artists, architects, designers, photographers and engineers are starting to use back painted glass with more and more satisfaction.
Inspired by designers and architects, GGC has applied its determination to promote innovation by the use of fully automatic machinery of the newest technologies to produce vivid and beautiful back painted glass for various purposes in a wide range of colours. Back painted glass enjoys a number of particular advantages:
- Beautiful and distinctive for interior design decoration
- Shielding UV radiation
- Anti-scratch and anti-bacterial
- Alternatives of matte finishing (by sandblasting, etching, etc.)
- Capable of being cut and machined
- Capable of being toughened, laminated or incorporated in an insulating panel

Silkscreened glass

GGC Downstream Processing Unit has the facilities required for secondary processing of silkscreened glass (toughening, laminating or insulating units).
As a suitable decorative element for any sort of space, silkscreened glass can be used in regular, irregular or complex geometric shapes.
The resulting patterns can be installed on glass roofs, artificial walls, corridor walls and so on.
This product is also offered with an additional option where the customer may modify the available patterns to their own design.

Printed glass

Printed glass is an ideal media for artists, photographers and designers who wish to make their artworks durable on a sheet of glass or between two sheets.
Provided that the printable material is in compliance with related laws and regulations, printed glass can be used for marketing and other purposes in an artistic interaction with digital technology.
One particular process involves printing a high resolution image (1440×1440 dpi) on a sheet of glass or between two sheets of glass to be laminated. This hi-tech professional printing procedure is implemented by 6 colours plus white (CMYK-Lc-Lm-White).
Printed glass is a memorable decorative element for interior spaces and will resist against any colour change for 50 years in open air spaces.
Ghazvin Glass co currently prints via UV-Ink printer which is one of many methods for achieving printed results. Some customers have opted to have their own patterns and images printed on the sheets of glass to modify their interior design projects to their own taste. Any ordered image needs to be of high resolution and compatible with the printer.
It is worth emphasising that all types of coated glass are capable of being toughened (or any sort of secondary processing). These products are the embodiments of beauty, strength and safety.