Research and Development

Ghazvin Glass Company has always placed a great emphasis upon research and development. The history of GGC R&D dates back to 1980s and the students of that time are now managers in many Iranian glass production facilities. At present, a new R&D and library building is being constructed in a considerable building area in Farsejin Float Plant and it is expected that this infrastructure will encourage the company's young engineers to keep the same pace of perseverance in dedicating themselves to research works for a better future of our beloved country and Iranian society.
GGC R&D has had many progressive functions such as developing market entry, designing new products, offering new services and entering new industries. Additionally, the unit has always had the responsibility to study any strategic plans towards the company's industrial goals and communicating them to operating sections.

Some of these plans can be listed as follows:
1. Market analysis and detecting the standing of the company; Defining environmental marketing requirements; Participating in local and international exhibitions and seminars.
2. Investigating the human resources infrastructure; Holding training courses.
3. Studying the status of close and remote competitors; Holding mutual meetings in order to achieve better cooperation.
4. Data analysis and studying the status of the company
5. Classifying internal and external competitive capabilities; Designing logos, forms, etc.
6. Detecting and recognizing the newest products offered by international pioneers in the global market. Implementing the related feasibility studies and taking measures towards production and offering the commodity.
7. Detecting and recognizing scientific and technical resources for the company's library; introducing new resources to other technical engineers.