Ghazvin Glass Company (plc)

In response to the increasing rate of sheet glass consumption in Iran and after thorough studies conducted by the Bank of Industry and Mines, Ghazvin Glass Factory was established in 1965, with a capital cost of more than one billion Rials. The first plant was constructed on the 3rd KM of Qazvin-Rasht road, on a 260,000 m2 plot of land, with a building area of 100,000 m2 allocated to a production hall, warehouse, administrative office, engineering services and repair workshops.

At that time, the factory was the biggest sheet glass production facility in the country and enjoyed state-of-the-art glass production technology. GGC glass became the highest quality product of its kind in the Middle East. Later on, as the market demand for different types of sheet glass soared, the company decided to expand its product range by establishment of a patterned glass production line, followed by a new float glass production plant and a complex of downstream processing facilities. Through these investments GGC sought to increase its competitive strength in the international market alongside its continued dedication to local consumers. What made all this possible was the directors' commitment to the use of the newest manufacturing technologies, improving the company knowledge and relying on the perseverance of the company's skilled, young workforce.

This company has continued to pursue its endeavoursin a structured way, so that GGC’s total production facilities now exceed 3,000,000 m2 in area.


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