Quality Control and Laboratory

Quality determines a particular product's ranking among similar commodities. With all the equipment and machinery of Ghazvin Glass Company supplied by the most respected European providers of technologies (Pilkington in UK, LiSEC in Austria, Tamglass in Finland, etc.), the quality of GGC products combined with the performance of its skilled operators has led to the achievement of ISIRI and Quality Management licenses.
The company has been granted the official certificate and license of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) to produce different types of glass and is accordingly committed to observation of the regulations and accomplishment of raw material and final product examinations. GGC Quality Control Unit analyses the specifications and combinations of any raw material cargos and their related batches before being fed into furnace and controls the produced glass in respect of physical features, optical functions, resistance, fragility, thermal stability, light fraction, impact penetration and a few other aspects.
Inappropriate packing and delivery may harm the quality of the produced glass. GGC Quality Control Unit is committed to control and investigate all subsequent stages of production, packing, etc. and take necessary steps to solve any possible quality issues to achieve customers' satisfaction.