Consulting and Design

Glass is a product with two distinct properties: "transparency" and "fragility". Its transparency has made glass a highly useable element in architecture and other industries while its fragility has been a limiting factor. Production of patterned glass, float glass and various processed glass products in Ghazvin Glass Company has paved the way for a wider and more practical use of glass, exploiting its transparency and managing its fragility.
With 45 years of experience as a glass producer and enjoying the advantage of cooperation with the most competent local engineers perfectly familiar with Iranian and international standards and also benefiting from ongoing interactions with the most outstanding global engineering teams, GGC Consulting and Design Unit is honoured to offer a variety of consulting, design and technical support services as listed below:

❖ Definition of the required type of glass product to meet particular customer needs.
❖ Definition of the size, thickness and type of the required glass product in accordance to the application in question.
❖ "Value engineering" services.
❖ Consultancy services on particular glass installations and structures.