How do I order a glass?



Please call: +98 (21) 8873 1515 Mr. Shayanfar

    What about the delivery – how do I get the glass?



We’ve got a network of branches around the iran – if you want to come and collect the glass from one of our branches we can arrange it, or if you prefer we can deliver the glass at a time suitable to you

    Why should I buy a windscreen made by Qazvin Glass instead of someone else?



In many cases we built the screen for your car the day it rolled off the production line, and we’ve got the original tooling and equipment as well as the specialist knowledge that we believe your vehicle deserves. And don’t forget, we can trademark your glass so that everyone admiring your pride and joy knows it’s an original too.

    Will a replacement screen be as good as the original.



Absolutely yes. In many cases we’re building the glass on the original tooling so it’s identical to the original manufacture. All of our glass is built to the highest standards and meets all the legal requirements of modern day motoring.

    How is the quality of the glass produced in ggc?



Our factory has produced high-quality glass and in his first letter to the glass industry